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French Provinces in Style

Discover France at it's Best!

At Fil Franck Tours, we have selected "Les Grandes Etapes Françaises" to offer you first class accommodation in most of the French provinces.

All properties have kept up the tradition of Château-Hotels. We offer a choice of 10 Chateaux or four-star establishments with character, all surrounded with parks or gardens, combining a traditional way of life with the level of comfort expected today.

Le Château d'Esclimont Le Château d'Artigny Le Domaine de Beauvois Le Choiseul Le Prieuré Le Mas d'Artigny Le Château de Divonne Le Château de Gilly Le Château d'Isenbourg Le Château de l'Ile
Map of the Châteaux
  1. Le Château d'Esclimont - near Paris
  2. Le Château d'Artigny - in the Loire Valley
  3. Le Domaine de Beauvois - in the Loire Valley
  4. Le Choiseul - in the Loire Valley
  5. Le Prieuré - in the Loire Valley
  6. Le Mas d'Artigny - on the French Riviera
  7. Le Château de Divonne - near Geneva
  8. Le Château de Gilly - in Burgundy
  9. Le Château d'Isenbourg - in Alsace
  10. Le Château de l'Ile - in Alsace